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2307 Upstream Five Books on Public Theology

Five Books on Public Theologya new digital resource from the Upstream podcast with Shane Morris.  

How does Christianity speak to all of life?  

What constitutes reality? Is Scripture the only way to understand right and wrong? How does Christ’s redemption play out in the world today? Where is history headed? 

God has placed answers to these questions in His Word and His world. He has also equipped Christian thinkers and writers throughout history to guide us and open our eyes to perceive those answers.  

In Five Books on Public Theology, Shane Morris—host of the Colson Center’s Upstream podcast—highlights some of the best written works on Christian worldview from brilliant thinkers and authors. 

This resource outlines five books that will expand your view of God’s self-revelation in the world and develop your understanding of how Christianity speaks to and through reality, nature, history, and human purpose. 

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