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Strong Women Email Header Image for 2024 Lent
Lent is approaching. Come participate with us! 
Lent is an invitation to “make straight the way of the Lord” in our hearts. We do this, by God’s grace, through the gifts of reflection, repentance, and receiving God’s great grace.

Lent begins on Wednesday, February 14 (Ash Wednesday). Download our reading and reflection guide, “The Kingdom of God is at Hand” by submitting the form on this page, and then join us for weekly discussions on our Strong Women Community Facebook page. 

Repentance is a beautiful thing. It’s a gift from God that leads to restoration with God. While repentance is a daily part of the Christian life, during Lent the Church has historically paused to emphasize repentance for the sake of deepening our recognition of sin, our need for a Savior, and our thankfulness for Jesus’ salvation. 

This Lent, the Strong Women community will be taking time to read through Dorothy Sayers’ The Man Born to Be King, a collection of 12 plays about the life and ministry of Jesus. Each play is engaging and theologically rich, helping us move our gaze toward Christ during this reflective season before Easter.

P.S. If you purchase The Man Born to Be King through the InterVarsity Press website, use the code IVPSTRONGWOMEN to save 25% and get free shipping on the book through the end of February.

Just let us know where to send your free resource!