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Free Download: "Five Questions on Abortion"  

Building a society that values life

Our new resource, “Five Questions on Abortion,” will help equip you to defend the rights of pre-born babies and care for women facing the weight of an unplanned pregnancy. 

In a post-Roe America, the fight to protect life is as important as ever, and Christians must be on the front lines to care for the vulnerable and push against the societal lies that threaten them.   

Answering common claims about abortion and building a society that values the sanctity of life from conception to death, this free digital resource includes the following:  

  • What Kind of Society is Safe for Unborn Children?
  • Could Abortion Ever Be as Unthinkable as Slavery?
  • Is an Embryo Really a Person?
  • Does Abortion Save Women’s Lives?
  • Is Abortion Healthcare?

Whether you want to better prepare to promote life in your own sphere of influence or respond thoughtfully to a friend or colleague’s pro-abortion claims, “Five Questions on Abortion” will equip you with a biblically and historically grounded perspective on abortion and pro-life issues so you can contend for life in the days and years to come. 

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